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Uncategorized Feb 15, 2021

This past Fall, we brought a life-changing experience to The Club called Tiny Book Course by Alexandra Franzen and Lindsay Smith. 

In this 45-day group program, aspiring authors are guided from start to finish on the process of writing and self-publishing a “tiny” book. From an idea - or even NO idea….to published E-book or physical printed book in your hand. 

What’s a “Tiny Book”?
It could be whatever you’d like, but they use that term to describe a book that’s typically between 30-70 pages. Something that doesn’t feel like climbing Mount Everest. 

TBC’s power is in making book-writing so incredibly doable.
We know that publishing something is a hot item on so many bucket lists...but also something that feels daunting and often gets put on the eternal back burner. 

If you’ve ever wanted to publish anything but haven’t yet, this is for you. A tiny book could take any form or format. Maybe...

  • A how-to booklet around a topic, maybe for your customers, your friends, followers? 
  • Family memoir
  • Short story from your life
  • Guidebook to something you’re passionate about
  • A “best of” series of featured highlights of something you’ve been working on
  • Novel 
  • A personal work of creative nonfiction/memoir
  • Could be a workbook that helps others through a process. Could even include prompts and blank journaling pages. 
  • Could be 3 steps to do xyz. 5 ways to xyz. 10 ideas for xyz. 

11 of us jumped in and worked on this together. Some of us finished within 45 days and the rest are coming down the pipe. We have a no-woman-left-behind philosophy and will be cheering them on thru the finish line! 

As each author finishes, I’ll update this post with each person’s book! 

To kick it off, here’s mine. 

I did something that felt a little dangerous, scary, but also rewarding and fun. I decided to finally write down the very strange love story of how I met my husband. And I decided to do it in secret - in stolen hours hiding here and there around the house and in the car! Why? Because I had the idea to surprise him with a finished book published on our 14th Anniversary. 

So here it is. Please enjoy! 

Liar Liar Heart on Fire

How I fell in love with my husband through the lies he told me. 



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