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Uncategorized Feb 15, 2021

So many epic buzz terms. What better word than “Community”? 

Well somehow this app managed to nap the most amazing name - and the appeal is real. 

Community is a text-messaging app for communicating with members of your...guess! 

The appeal to me here is that, if people opt in, you can easily text their phone with updates, info, important news.

If you run a community within a Facebook group, or an email list, or other less efficient platform, you’ll often find yourself shouting into the wind, aka fighting the almighty soul-crushing algorithms. 

I don’t have a detailed review to leave yet because we just started using Community for Club messaging a week ago. Hoping it will help me send members helpful reminders and updates so they don’t miss out on anything and can stop worrying about scrolling or relying on social media. 

Here’s hoping!
Will be sure to update. 

If you’d like to jump into my phone, text me! Say hi! Say anything! 


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