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Uncategorized Feb 15, 2021

The Club’s URL is quite obviously, and though I’ve owned it for years….there’s a new Clubhouse - minus the “the” that’s blowing UP like nothing I’ve ever seen. 

For the first few hours of learning about Clubhouse, I resisted. I freaked. I exploded and imploded. Now first, I have this thing where I avoid things I like too much. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I have BIG feelings. When I like a song, I REALLY like a song. When I enjoy a tv show, I REALLY enjoy that tv show. You get the picture. And sometimes, it can be too much. So before I risk being engulfed by the flames of ecstasy, I back away slowly. 

Friends always recommend things in frustration; “Heather. You’ve got to watch this movie. YOU. WILL. LOVE. IT.” Me: “That’s exactly why I can’t….yet” I just have to prepare and brace myself.

Well the name alone was too much. Clubhouse might quite literally be my favorite word since first grade? I’m obsessed. I mean…..look at the URL I chose for my own mid-life magnum opus “baby” that took 10+ years to birth. (Yes, my baby is The Club.) 

And then the concept?? My mom used to call me “elephant ears” because she said I was the world’s worst (i.e. best) eavesdropper. And it’s true. Can’t help myself. 

And the only thing I like as much as listening in would be conversing - and oh, it’s got that too. 

It’s like if Podcasts came alive and turned into a global party line. It’s like if tv let you walk into the screen and join the show. 

It’s like we go back to the 90s and into the future at the same time. Retro-futuristic mind blowing madness is what it is. And the timing, oh man, the timing. Just when everyone is SO fried on video that they’re dreaming of landlines, walkie talkies, tin cans on a string - anything but zoom. 

Just at this moment when everyone’s isolated but going global, desperate to connect, but sick of video……..enter, a worldwide 24-7 party line!? 

But like I said - for the first few hours, I resisted. Not even a day. Couldn’t hold out that long.

I was warned to finish up any critical work for the week before downloading it. 

I laughed (thinking my friend was joking). 

But man, the next 8 days of my life were an obscene blur. It reminded me of staying up all night with crushes back in the day…’s 4 am, but you just can’t hang up….you wake up drooling with a cheek imprint of the handset. But this time I’m an adult - with clients, kids, work to do, bills to pay, and thousands of “crushes” from around the world whispering in my ear all night.  

Mind. Blown. I can’t be the only one saying this, but Clubhouse is the most game-changing tool since the internet was invented. It’s huge. It’s changing the way people live. 

There will have to be a part 2, or maybe a series on Clubhouse, because I’ve learned a lot in the past month! 

If you’re just reading this and not yet on there, here’s the takeaway: 

Clubhouse - a giant party line connected to Instagram and Twitter….so you can chat - in real time, like a phone call, with anyone….and then go DM them on IG. You can listen to talks of guests on stages that you’d otherwise need a paid ticket to hear…….and then raise a hand and ask a question, on this proverbial stage…...all for free. 

If you’re interested in humanity, connection, the future, communication, the arts, business, science, politics. If you’re interested in anything, get on there. 

It’s currently on Iphones only. Android coming up. 

It’s also currently in beta and by invitation only - so ask a friend, or hit me up! When you join you get only one invite...but as you engage on the app you earn more. I tend to earn a few each week. 

Whether or not you’ve got your invite yet, go grab your username and reserve it. (This will also notify people in your network who are on it that they should maybe let you in!) 

The Club hosts a morning chat every Monday at 10 am so Clubbers can jump in and get their feet wet. We help people new to the platform get their bearings and host fun, friendly, intimate conversations on all kinds of topics. 

If you’re already on there, look me up and say hello next time we’re in a “room” together! ;-) 

---> @heatheranderson

PS. How can I not love an app that let me grab my actual name. Not even a friends and family connection on the beta launch of gmail pulled that off. (We darn Heather Andersons are everywhere!) 


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